Jan Fishler
Welcome to Jan Fishler.com – where you find encouragement and support to write without criticism or judgment, in just 5 minutes at a time.

At this site you’ll find writing workshops that show you how to:

  • Tap into the subconscious and Free Yourself to Write.
  • Write Your Story (memoir or fiction, scene-by-scene).
  • Rev Up Your Writing–a mini-series of online classes to help you brush up on your writing skills. – COMING SOON!
  • Plan Your Novel and complete a first draft in a month–a must for nanowrimo.org writers and others who want to just get it done. COMING SOON!

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To help you develop and adhere to your writing schedule, and overcome various obstacles on the writing path, one-on-one coaching is also available.

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Order my memoir, Searching for Jane, Finding Myself (An Adoption Memoir).

Personal Statement

I never would have written my memoir or had the courage to self-publish it, if I hadn’t received encouragement from other writers. It occurred to me that every writer—especially those who are new to writing or who doubt their abilities—needs someone who can show them the way, support their effort, and provide a process that eliminates the mystery. This is what the workshops are all about—eliminating judgment and criticism and guiding emerging and experienced writers through a process that is not only fun, but also produces results.

Because I have a background in Instructional Design/Curriculum Development, in the process of writing my story, I developed the Write YOUR Story writing method that not only worked for me, but was one others—even people who had never written or who didn’t have confidence in their ability—could also use. Based on the premise that we all have a book in side of us—or at least important stories and memories that need to be captured, the workshop teaches people how to write their own amazing memoir, in just 5 minutes at a time by tapping into the subconscious.

What began as a four hour Write Your Story memoir workshop has evolved into a series of workshops—all with the goal of eliminating judgment and criticism and making writing easy and fun.